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To increase your sales in the internet, you need proven, cost-effective solutions to increase the visibility of your website. TopTech Business Solutions uses the most advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) technology to ensure that your site will get the maximum exposure for higher rankings on search engines. Using the latest solutions in Search Engine Marketing, we'll help to establish your company's presence on the internet, so that customers will find you before they find your competitors.




Search Engine Optimization



Site Development: The search engines bots will crawl and find any site, but websites that are accurately structured are treated better by crawling them faster, more frequently, and more of their pages. We'll make sure your site is built properly so that the structure is optimized for search engines. This will help increase all other SEO techniques, as well as making the search engines happy to crawl a properly built site.

Content Optimization: Each and every page of your site is fully optimized for targeted and specific keywords so that search engines know what your website is about. It starts with optimizing both visual HTML elements as well as the code hidden behind the scenes, keeping clients happy and letting the search engines know precisely how to rank your pages.

Off-site Optimization: Fixing on-site SEO is just the first step. To make sure your pages are on the first page of the listings (Google, Yahoo, Bing), off-site backlinking is critical. TopTech uses a combination of tools for your backlinks, they are all top quality and relevant. By continuously building backlinks, your site will rise in position and will eventually pass your competition, to see an increase in visits to your site and an increase in revenue.


Local Marketing: With Google Places or Yahoo Local your business can appear on the first page of listings fairly quickly. We can help set up your profile and guaranteed there's no conflicts that will stop you from being displayed, and optimize it to have it rank for your highest traffic generating keywords.